In order to understand a country, we have to free ourselves of the stereotypes and clichés we have in our minds. Spain is one of those countries that acquired much of its exotism through the words and travels of romantic history authors such as Washington Irving in the 19th century. Well, interior Spain is one of those few places in which, if you step off the beaten track, you can still experience and witness those exotic colors and flavours.

From the capital’s trendiest neighborhoods, we will slowly cross the arid Meseta of La Mancha and its stone whitewashed villages and, of course, visit the traditional windmills following in the steps of Don Quixote. Walking through the narrow streets of Toledo, we will discover its sacred secrets, a beautiful mysticism that transcends any religion. Segovia will reveals its intimacy and its fascinating medieval architecture as well as its innovative food scene. You will have olive oil tastings and and try the most refined dishes made with local products, as well as witnessing the traditional way of making the Manchego cheese, with the producers.

Change your perspective of Spain from a hot air balloon, on horseback or by sleeping within the 15th century walls of spectacular hotels. You will be absolutely amazed by the charm of this splendid region, by the serenity it will bring you and the inner peace you’ll find there by connecting with the true and genuine people we will meet.

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