If you are a wine connoisseur then this region is unmissable. Situated in the heart of rural Spain, La Rioja and ribera del Duero are emblems of quality and elite mediterranean wines. The way in which this region has developed over the years has been spectacular; you’ll discover a marvelous spectacle of wine estates boasting contemporary architecture in an ocean of vineyards surrounded by spectacular nature.

We want you to understand the traditions of wine making in Spain, and how it evolved into this cluster of sublime vintages and world famous labels. By getting to know the producers, their lands and by understanding the geography, this complex art of forging good wine will hold no secret for you. ​

To this end, we will navigate the vineyards by 4wd, cycle between the vines, speak to the best winemakers, travel by hot air balloon flight over the Rioja valley and of course taste a lot of those amazing vintages! Cheers.

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