Each Canary Island is a world of its own. We have decided to explore Lanzarote and Tenerife because of their mineral and abstract beauty. These volcanic islands will fascinate you. The range of colours, landscapes, endemic plants and culture you’ll find here is just outstanding.

A real paradise for nature and beauty lovers, the esthetic of the landscapes inspired many renowned artists of which the most famous one, César Manrique, shaped some parts of the island by blending natural beauty to minimalist architecture. He was a pioneer who used conservation and sustainable tourism to turn his Island into a natural sanctuary. Tourism is mercifully limited to certain beach areas, while the interior of the island retains its original rural ambiance and historical character in towns like La Orotava. Local culture has been preserved and is actively kept alive by the younger generations on the Island.

We can’t miss to jump from rock to rock with octavio, this 65 years old shepherds that uses this canarian stick to advance on the rocky terrain. We will witness this unique in the world landscape, of “digged vineyards” made to resist ocean’s winds. Drive from fishermans harbour to arid deserts as well as tropical microclimates. This might be your most unexpected journey ever.

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