There are not many places like this in the world. These lands have seen humanity’s greatest cultures settling here, drawn by the variety of its landscapes, its climate, and the generosity of its soil.

Everything blended successfully here, architecture, languages and even spiritualities. Which is why visiting Andalucía you’ll see churches that look like synagogues, Spanish written in Arabic, and understand why flamenco looks and sounds so much like Indian music. But Andalucía is so much more more than even that.

We will navigate the Guadalquivir with Fernando; we will experience Sevilla’s bohemian life; observe the Iberian lynx endangered species; visit the best biodynamic winery in Europe founded by an eccentric Austrian, Francis Schatz, 70 years ago; or have a tapas tour in the harbour of Malaga. And, of course, you will experience the real andalusian lifestyle by relaxing in the most elegant hotels and resorts.

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