There is no culture, language or traditions in Europe older than those of the Basque people. Not even the Romans could colonise them, There is something essential in these lands and people, that makes them both unique and universal. There are so many faces to discover in “Euskal Herria” that it is almost impossible to grasp it all.

The culinary tradition is not only omnipresent but it has acquired such an outstanding level that today the region hosts the highest number of Michelin stars restaurants in the whole world (it is sometimes mentioned as “the milky way” for that reason). These lands are also home to one the best wine regions worldwide: la Rioja Alavesa lies in the Basque country too. Whatsmore, some of the best contemporary sculptors emerged from the iron industrial cities such as Bilbao, which, and this is no coincidence, hosts the world famous Guggenheim.

The tour we have designed will let you get to know some of these extraordinary people that shape, sing, paint and cultivate these lands and seas. We will enter their homes or workshops, ride their horses, walk their trails and sail in their boats. It’s quite possible you won’t understand a word of euskera (the Basque language) but be assured you will feel at home.

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