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Two friends with years of travel experience between them (guiding, trip planning, researching...) dawned on the fact that most of the travellers they travelled with were always moved by the human relationships that pop up during trips. This magic happens when you are ready to see and share it with others. The art of travelling, at the end of the day, is like sculpting deep moments where authenticity can arise.


They understood that true luxury was to create a place in time auspicious for the encounter. Tired of an industry that leaves no space for such considerations, they decided to create their own company using their knowledge and to build a network with all the amazing people they met over the years designing experiences in Spain.

So our two young men left their jobs and spent months setting up their business plan, trying to find clients, connecting with providers, running through the whole country sleeping in their car, tent, or under the stars in order to put together all the pieces of this jigsaw. They gathered the best routes, hotels, grandma’s tortillas or winemakers and eventually came up with Ojalá!


Ojalá, A joyful word full of hope that people enjoy pronouncing over here, embodies the whole vision Dylan and Sébastien have. Their goal and mission is to work as artisans and shape the best quality trips, that really fulfill all the expectations their travellers can have, and at the same time has a positive impact on the local economy.


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