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We run bespoke tours through Spain’s richest cultural and culinary regions. As a DMC established in Madrid we operate the tours ourselves: from designing to guidance. We work closely with local businesses to create real experiences with locals. We carefully pick all our providers, taking into account our values of sustainability, safety, and professionalism.



This is special to us. We want our guests to experience the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of an infinitely rich cultural legacy. That’s why we work with locals, the people who live in each region we visit, maintaining their traditions and customs. From guides and artisans, to scientists, farmers, cooks, and artists. Even grandmas. These are the people who make our tours so genuine and unique.


In order to understand a place, you need to dive in, to see, feel and taste it from all perspectives. We work with providers and businesses from all over the country to host all sorts of activities. The possibilities are endless: horseback riding, cooking classes, flamenco classes, hot-air balloon rides, kayaking, fishing... Anything to create an unforgettable experience.



We think of travel as something intimate. So our tours are built around small parties, family gatherings, groups of friends. This allows us to be totally flexible, adapting each trip to your needs. The wide range of options that we offer, together with our capacity to create new ones, allows us to cater to the most wide-ranging needs of our customers.



We define high-end travel as unique, exclusive, comfortable and, above all, safe. We believe that true luxury lies in serenity and peace of mind. That is why we only work with providers that meet the highest standards of safety and service. We work exclusively with four- and five-star hotels full of charm, comfort, and character. And, of course, some of the finest gourmet restaurants Spain has to offer.


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